Netflix Movie Death Not VR Experience Let’s You Play God

CBS VFX, in collaboration with Netflix, created an original, fully immersive VR experience for the psychological thriller, Death Note.  The experience had its public premiere at AsiaPOP 2017 (Comicon) on August 25th in Manila to coincide with the film’s release.  Netflix Movie Death Note VR experience Let’s you Play God.  Hundreds of fans were treated to experience the surreal story world based on the classic Japanese Manga series.

The user assumes the role of high school student Light Turner, who discovers a mysterious notebook that is used to mete out death by the death god Ryuk, played by Willem Defoe.  The experience begins in Light’s bedroom, at night, as a thunderstorm brews outside.  Creepy sounds are heard as Ryuk appears in different places within the room, eventually luring the user to pick up the Death Note and engage the powers of Ryuk.  A moral choice is presented, to either LIVE or DIE, letting the user play God, deciding the fate of another.  For the user’s penance, the tension quickly ratchets up as the experience delivers an unforgettable – and quite unexpected – climax.

The public rollout of CBS VFX’s Death Note VR Experience is currently underway.  Look for it to appear on YouTube 360 and various room-scale platforms in the coming weeks.