How did CBS VFX Visualize Moon Shots for Strange Angel?

Parallax PreViz is CBS VFX’s latest addition to their visual effects services. This previsualization tool is a giant step beyond traditional storyboards and 3D animatics. It enables cinematographers and directors to step right into their scene. You have the ability to switch types of cameras, lenses and record each sequence in real time. This immersive tool allows the dynamic exploration of a scene and maximizes the ability to create infinite visual outcomes.  Parallax Pro’s shareable video files quickly puts every production department on the same page. All the efficiencies and attributes save time and money.

It was recently utilized for both pre-production and final shot delivery on the All Access hit series “Strange Angel.”  Parallax Pro is now available for North American productions.

How did CBS VFX visualize moon shots for Strange Angel?
Craig Weiss is Executive Creative Director.  George Bloom is Executive Producer.

The final shots reveal the power of Parallax PreViz.