CBS VFX takes on Wall St. in Showtime’s hit series Black Monday

Showtime’s hit series “Black Monday” chronicles the 31st anniversary of the worst stock market crash in the history of Wall Street, Oct. 19, 1987.  The series stars legendary actor and director Don Cheadle.  One key challenge was to transform Los Angeles into a variety of New York streets. The 1980’s NYC exteriors were complete with period buildings and moving CG cars. The process was a combination of matte paintings, 3D modeled buildings and that were seamless blended into the scene.  Craig Weiss, Executive Creative Director, stated “the visual effects set becomes a like a supporting character in the show and we allow the director to see the script come to life and make it feasible to execute locations in the most efficient way possible”

The other challenges was an ongoing sequence between the twin Lehman brother who were played by the same actor.

The final episode was our most extensive, as the season climaxed with a character falling to his death from the top floors f the NY Stock Exchange.  With the actor unable to hang from wires his head was comped onto a stunt man’s body.  The upper floors of the stock exchange building were modeled, lit, and textured to feel like a part of the real building in NY.  CG cars, trash, and steam populated the streets below.   CBS VFX’s executive producer, George Bloom, commented:  “we are amassing a virtual library of sets so directors may quickly access locations without having to go on location.”

CBS VFX takes on Wall Street in Showtime’s hit series Black Monday.